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Residential Play Systems


Early Spring Specials! $100.00 off fully installed Scout models! $200.00 off fully installed Tribe models!

Why Are PlayLofts Better?

PlayLofts uses pressure-treated lumber and stainless steel hardware for a play system that is safe and long-lasting, even in the unique conditions of coastal Florida. The imported play-sets at discount stores consist of inappropriate, flimsy components. Untreated lumber and plated hardware will soon break down, leaving a rickety, hazardous structure.

The pre-drilled imports do not account for ground slope, resulting in a lopsided eyesore. PlayLofts are designed to go up level and square, regardless of ground conditions. Safe, reliable, local, expertly installed, and immediately accessible to you, PlayLofts is a wise investment.

All prices shown are for fully installed play systems.

For do-it-yourselfers, we offer kits for Scout, Tribe, or Swing-set at 20% off the installed price. Kits include all lumber, hardware, and accessories, with illustrated instructions.

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Little Scout

with 9 sq. ft tree-house $1195.00 installed

The Scout

16 sq ft tree-house $1295.00 installed

Big Scout

with 30 sq. ft tree-house $1,695.00 installed

NEW Scout Playlofts!

A roofed tree-house with a swings-beam, a wave- slide, and choice of cargo-net or rock climb.

Click here for more Scout images.
Scout and Little Scout include choice of cargo-net or rock-climb. Big Scout and Tribes include both. Wave slides are five feet high. Big Scout and Tribe include three swings. Scout and Little Scout include two swings.

NEW Tribe PlayLofts!

Two tree-houses connected by monkey-bars (or bridge, add $300). Total loft area 39 sq.ft. Includes rock-climb, cargo-net, swings beam, fire-pole, and wave-slide. $2295.00 installed.
(Shown with optional built-in picnic table.)

Click here for more Tribe images.
NEW Multi-Level Towers!

A total of 36 square feet of loft area on three levels. Includes rock-climb and fireman's pole. $1,395.00 installed. (larger sizes available)
Add wave slide and swings $895.00 installed

Click here for more multi-level towers images.

In a big yard there's no limit to the combination of our modular systems. We also do custom work to incorporate you own idea or special needs.

Click here for more Design A Village images.
Super Tribe:

Tribe is upgraded by replacing 3ft X 3ft loft with a 6ft X 6 ft multi-level tower, and includes both monkey bars and swinging bridge .... $3,295.00 installed (Shown with optional tube slide and vertical rock wall.)

Click here for more Tribe images.
Custom Enclosed Tree-houses!

Shown here is 6ft x 6ft area, with porch and rock-climb $1795.00 installed
(Other sizes and features available. See "Custom Tree-houses" page.)

Swing Set
Swing Sets

Swing-set, including three swings $695.00 installed
Swing-set plus slide $950.00 installed


See our “Accessories and Add-ons” page for separately priced components, such as tire-swivel, glider-swing, picnic tables, benches, spiral slides, and more.

Only PlayLofts includes lifetime guaranteed, pressure-treated lumber, secured with stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized hardware to ensure that your play system will last for many years in coastal Florida’s unique climate. We have been entrusted with the safety of thousands of children in public and private schools, childcare centers, churches, and parks, and we bring our knowledge and experience to your backyard.

We are a local company that is immediately accessible to you. Using higher quality lumber, hardware, and accessories, along with expert installation, PlayLofts offers exceptional value for your investment.

For further information, or to place an order, call (321)752-6111